Sagittal First Technique

The Sagittal First Technique is an innovative, state of the art, approach to orthodontic treatment that utilizes the Motion Class II or Motion Class III appliances.  By applying this technique to your treatment plan even some of the most complicated orthodontic treatments can be completed in record time.

Another exciting aspect of this approach is that it can be utilized in conjunction with either braces or clear aligner systems such as Invisalign.  So no matter what your treatment of choice, Paschal Orthodontics can solve your orthodontic needs.

The Carriere orthodontic treatment approach is the next generation orthodontic solution that consistently achieves exceptional results in less time. The Carriere Orthodontic treatment approach incorporates the latest advances in orthodontic technology with gentle forces that work with natural physiology to correct your bite at the beginning of treatment.

The Carriere® Motion™ Appliance is used for Class II patients, to correct Class II at the beginning of the treatment, before braces or aligners are placed. The appliances simplicity and ease-of-use add up to more predictable results and overall shorter orthodontic treatment time.