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 Clear Aligners

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Dr. Paschal is one of Georgia’s leading digital orthodontic specialists. The benefits of clear aligner therapy go far beyond the cosmetics and the convenience, in many situations clear aligners are a better treatment option.

Orthodontic treatment is about you and your needs, not about a particular manufacturing company. Dr. Paschal has been treating patients with Invisalign and other clear aligner systems for over 15 years and has even utilized them on his own children. Dr. Paschal is constantly asked to evaluate new and emerging technologies and products. With state of the art intra-oral scanners and 3D printers in the office, you can be sure he can deliver the best treatment options to meet your needs as an adult patient or for your child.


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Dr. Paschal is a global leader, educator, and innovator in treating with self-ligating brackets. Basically, you win!

All braces, and how they are used, are not the same. Ever. Traditional braces use elastic ties to hold wires in. This creates a lot of increased friction. Friction is bad. It slows down treatment, and produces unwanted forces. Braces that do not need elastic ties to hold the wires have lower friction. These are called self-ligating braces and they will help to decrease treatment times, reduce the need to remove teeth, and expand arches without the need for expanders.

 Speed and Comfort


Dr. Paschal utilizes current and emerging technologies to provide you and your family the most comfortable, efficient, and unique experiences imaginable.

Some of these technologies include:

  • 100% Doctor designed, guided and administered treatment

  • Combination Orthodontic Treatment

  • Sagittal First Treatment philosophy

  • In-office 3D computer design

  • In-office 3D manufacturing

  • 3D Radiographic evaluation and airway assessment

  • In-home tooth movement monitoring and assessment and so much more.


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Dr. Paschal guarantees his work. If you aren't happy at the end of your treatment (and we're sure you will be) he will make it right, at no further cost to you, for up to one year after treatment.

Once your comprehensive orthodontic treatment is complete, we know that life happens and we have you covered. Should you have any tooth movement in the future, and desire an update, we will pick up right where we left off. You will only be responsible for a small monthly fee until your update is finished.

Find any orthodontist that stands by their work as Dr. Paschal does, and we've got two words for you, YOU WIN!